The Beauty Lof

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2D Radford Street, Stone 

We offer a complete range of Waxing, Tanning and Grooming Treatments exclusively for men. Your treatment will be carried out by a highly qualified and experienced therapist, so whether you are wanting to try a treatment for the first time or are a regular you can be sure of a first class service and total discretion. 

We also offer our full range of Nimue Skin Treatments for our male clients.  Please switch to the "Nimue"  page for further information.

Hair Removal                                                                                               

Back wax                                 £25                                                       

Back and shoulder wax           £30

Chest wax                                £25                                                

Chest, Back & Abdomen        £45                                                        

Chest & Abdomen                  £30                           

Full leg                                     £30                             

Full arms                                  £25

Eyebrows                                 £10

Ears                                          £ 5


A patch test is required 48 hours prior to first treatment.                 

Eyebrow tint                             £10                                                       

Eyelash tint                               £12         

Hands & Feet

Manicure                    ~ Cut/file nails, cuticles, hand massage, nail treatment, nail buff                              £15

Foot Tonic                   ~  Relax as you enjoy a skin softening file and exfoliation, cuticle conditioning

                                        nail cut/shape and a soothing foot massage.  Fights foot fatigue.                        £20

Deluxe Foot Tonic      ~  As above with addition of a paraffin wax treatment & heated boots                    £28   

Reflexology Pedicure ~ Full pedicure plus 15 minutes of reflexology, pure indulgence for the feet, 

                                        reflexology is known to improve your blood circulation to vital organs.                £35


All our massage & holistic therapies are available to our male clients.  Please visit the "massage" page for full details.