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Our Virtual Services

We are able to carry out your skin consultation virtually.  This will enable you to have access to our "at home" facial treatments detailed below.

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Plump it Up Facial Kit with free video consultation £25

An nourishing over night treatment to soothe and hydrate sensitised skin.  Ideal for skin showing signs of hypersensitivity, redness and irritation or for skin that is new to professional skincare.  Leaves skin nourished, hydrated and calm.


Get the Glow Facial Kit with free video consultation £25

An overnight anti-oxidant treatment counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals and reducing the signs of premature ageing.  This stimulating treatment leaves the skin hydrated, brighter, smoother and more radiant, also ideal for pigmented skin in need of a boost.


Moisture Lock Facial Kit with free video consultation £25

A nourishing overnight facial kit with a complex of actives to hydrate and soothe dry and dehydrated skin.  An at home facial to lock in moisture, minimising the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles - this kit leaves skin radiant!


Mascne Defence Facial Kit with free video consultation £25

For skin showing signs of congestion or oiliness, this kit gently exfoliates and removes impurities and excess oil whilst retaining essential moisture in the skin.  Ideal for breakouts, enlarged pores and general inflammation on the skin.

Limited Edition Charcoal Detox Skin Kit

1. Deep Cleanses

Ingredient: Foaming Agent Complex

Deep cleansing action on surface and in the

pores of the skin. Removes excess impurities

and sebum, without striping skin biolipids.

Creates a “bubble peel” effect.

2. Detoxifies

Ingredient: Charcoal powder

3. Oxygenates

Ingredient: Warming Agent

Increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrition to skin cells, while assisting with the removal of toxins and de-oxygenated blood. Lifts out impurities and blockages while simultaneously removing excess surface oil.

4. Exfoliates

Ingredients: Pumpkin Enzymes & AHA’s

Enzymes have a proteolytic effect on the protein bonds between dead skin cells. AHA’s dissolve the glue between the skin cells, allowing them to slough off.

Charcoal, Charcoal peel, Detox, Thermal peel


The kit contains 2/3 applications and included is a free video skin consultation with an Advanced Skin Specialist. 

RRP £45. Limited Availability.

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